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We provide a complete school management software exclusively for fees, Exams, hometask, attendance, News and more!

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We PupilLeader - A leading providers for communication services to schools.

We build professional and user experience communication platform for education across school management lineups like online fees, Exams, hometask, attendance, News and more!

This platform is Unique with no content or contact sharing unlike other social media groups

Best School Management Software with Communication Platform across Schools

We build on the professional and user experience of each of our team members we understand our client business as well as our own and offer unique value propositions. to achieve every new update and modules.

Towards Customer Success!

we are there wherever our customers are, we invested good time in monitoring the growth of their institutions actively in all important market research.

Sustainable And Continuous Development

We systematically identify opportunities and risks in our software, we combine our expertise in this area, in our expert services sustainability, thus contributing to the sustainable success of our client businesses and the continuous improvement of our software.