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Get it simple!! Handy!! App is there!!

Web Application / APP

This makes you crazy.. Does your school is linked with an app that makes you get datas, communicate In and around of your school?

Stay smart and easy way of delievering academics to parents

Single and Bulk SMS for Staffs and Students

"SCHSMS - Dear Parent, Due to bad wheather conditions tommorow will be Holiday - ABC School"

"SCHSMS - Dear Staff, SRIMS Wishes a happy Diwali to you and family"

Birthday alerts and Absenteeism Reports on single clicks!! We save your time!!

Birthday Alerts and Absenteeism Reports

"SCHSMS - The Staffs and Students of Vidya1 School, wishes your ward Sanjay S a Very Happy Birthday!"

"SCHSMS - Your ward was absent today WITHOUT PRIOR INFORMATION. Please send your ward with the Leave Letter. - XXX School, Chennai."

Exam Marks out to parents, either by individual subjects or as whole in single SMS

Exam Marks SMS

"SCHSMS - Dear Parent, your ward's II Round Test marks details are Eng: 78, Sci: 89, SS: 65. - ABC School Chennai."

Homework delievered to Parents Daily.. Lets Keep a track..

Hometask SMS

"SCHSMS - Dear Parent, Home Task of Class: I-A, Subject: English, Content :Rhymes No.1 Two Times, Alphabets in English."

Alerts will be send as a whole, as group or as an Individual

Group SMS

"SCHSMS - Dear Parent, Meeting for Red Group to be held tommorow at Office. You requested to inform your child without fail. - XXX School"