Hello Schools,

Get an APP (Android and IOS) in your School Name. Share your Happenings to Parents and Teachers.
Let your School "POPULAR"

Get Connected

Stay frequent Touch with parents via

  1. Broadcast Instant alerts (text and Voice)
  2. attendance, hometasks and Exam Marks
  3. Popularize school Winners
  4. Attachments, Photos & Videos
  5. Fees Remainders, Messenger

and even more to GO!

Track School Van 24/7

GPS integreted You can track all school vehicles here.
Auto pickup and drop alerts to van parents

All in one APP!

2 or more child's information can also accessed within a single app itself.

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When your School APP monitors entire communication stuff and wake every evening with daily DSR.
You seems to be more brisk than Having a Cup of Coffee!

NOTIFY PARENTS – Communicate them via instant push notifications and Messenger. Each alert you sent is trackable whether the parents read or not. clear cut reports are here!

NOT MORE COMPLICATED – You can add your daily activities like daily alerts, attendance, Hometask, News, Images etc., in  a very Interactive timeline


Be Watched!

Teachers can watch Who reads your Messages and Who is Missing Out

Parents attached more to school by noticing attendance, Homework, Exam mark reports with Graphical analysis, Daily news feeds,  Achievements, Feedback, and previous messages.

Student’s achievement has been exposed to all in a timeline feed, Helping them Popular and encouraged

Student and School Bus Tracking!

Your School APP helps to Track students using advanced RFID Devices and School Buses using advanced GPS devices and conveys

Attendance and Absenteeism alerts

Pickup and Drop off Notifications

Breakdown alarms

Go Live with bus helps to know Where it is..!


"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
John Doe